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FAQ Page2018-10-04T02:29:32+00:00
Does your pet sitting involve over night care, or do you have daily hours you work within?2018-10-04T02:29:35+00:00

Most client’s want a morning and evening visit; however, I will make additional visits throughout the day if requested. I do not stay overnight in client’s homes.

Do you customize your services per specific requests?2018-10-04T02:29:35+00:00

Yes, I will accommodate any special request the client has for the pet’s care. There may be an additional fee, but I try to keep the costs fair and reasonable.

How much does the consultation cost?2018-10-04T02:29:35+00:00

The very first step is a Meet & Greet; this is done at no cost to the client. This way the owner and the pet can meet me and we can get to know each other, As well as go over the routine.

Is Hugs N Kisses a boarding facility?2018-10-04T02:29:35+00:00

I offer services in the client’s home. I do not have a boarding facility. The goal is to keep the pets’ in their own environment so they are comfortable and stress free.

How does your pet sitting service work?2018-10-04T02:29:35+00:00

My visits for dogs are in 30-minute increments, and all-inclusive. This means I will feed/water, play with, pick up poop, and/or anything that the client needs done for their pet within that 30 minutes.

How often will my pet be visited?2018-10-04T02:29:35+00:00

The amount of visits is based off the clients request. Client’s that go out of town usually request at least two visits per day for their pets. Most request their pets to be walked in addition to the daily visits.

What areas do you provide the pet sitting service?2015-04-14T18:25:51+00:00

I am based in Upland, CA. My services reach out to, but are not limited to, a ten mile radius. There is a surcharge if I am traveling outside of the 10 mile radius.

What kind of care do you provide with special needs animals?2015-04-14T18:28:31+00:00

I will meet the customers needs (within reason); if this means administering medication, or special feeding I will accommodate those needs.